Ibiza Themed Silent Disco Playlist #SilentDiscoThursday

Silent Disco – that means plug in your headphones for a quiet rave.

The title has changed this week from Silent Disco Friday to Thursday, because in the UK it’s a bank holiday tomorrow!

Click here to skip down the page to the #SilentDiscoThursday Ibiza themed playlist.

The previous playlists for the first ever #SilentDiscoFridays pilot playlist and the #SilentDiscoFridays House and EDM playlist are still up, but this week, it’s a #SilentDiscoThursday based around Ibiza anthems.

This list is collated by me, Dom, and submitted by colleagues I work with every friday to bring up the mood in the office!

The Thursday Ibiza Silent Disco Playlist

Listen on the embedded player to avoid hearing adverts.

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Comment with your thoughts, or guesses to who submitted which song (warning open this page in another window if you do, it refreshes the page and stops the playlist!)

Have a lovely long bank holiday weekend!

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