EDM and House Music Playlist – #SilentDiscoFridays 2

#SilentDiscoFridays is a playlist collaboratively created by a team of employees, designed to inject a bit of fun in to every Friday afternoon at work.

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Due to the mixed reactions to last week’s pilot episode of #SilentDiscoFridays – this week, I held a trial poll to work out which genre we should theme our playlist of songs should be based around, and it was decided that House/EDM music was the winner, so will be this weeks theme! Results below:


The Silent Disco Electronic Dance Music and House Playlist

Vote for your Favourite Song in the EDM & House Playlist!

You only get one vote, make it count, make sure you don’t vote too early before hearing all of the songs:

Vote 2! What's the best track? Don't vote for your own contribution!

Feel free to comment your ‘feedback’ on the song choices, but warning; open this page in a new tab if you do because it will refresh the page (and stop the playlist) when you post the comment!

The playlist is in order of most popular.

Happy playlist-ening ya’ll, party on!

P.s.Insert meme here – our IT team have blocked me from being able to upload images to WordPress, because it is filesharing :'( :'(, luckily I was able to create the Silent Disco playlist on YouTube using my phone with 4g data, because that’s blocked too!

8 thoughts on “EDM and House Music Playlist – #SilentDiscoFridays 2

  1. These first two songs are getting SLATED!!

    Julez and Andy have removed their headphones in protest…

    Phil isn’t even participating and has contributed arguably the worst song ever created, too!


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